Master of the Air - Easy/Int. Spanish Guitar Tabs & Notation

Download contains the sheet music in notation and tablature, the MP3 fand the GuitarPro6 file.

Here is my 2 part Etude called Master of the Air (based off the Flametal song M.O.T.A.). Part 1 is easy level and part 2 is intermediate level. I've had a lot of comments asking for an easy song people can play, so this is in response to that. It is also on my latest release 'Nashville Sessions (2016 & 2018)'

Hint: when learning this piece, first learn and memorize the notes with the sheet music/tabs provided, then watch the video in youtube and click on the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the player - got to speed - adjust to .5 and play along at half-speed. The pitch doesn't change, it only slows it down. Then you will be on your way.

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