Jungheinrich ETG 216kn (from 12.2008) Electric ForkLift Truck Workshop Service Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Workshop Manual for JETI Electric Lift Trucks Models ETG 216kn

Original factory manuals for JUNGHEINRICH Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck. All Manuals Printable and contains Searchable Text

Covered models:
   ETG 216kn (from 12.2008)

Format: PDF, 315 Pages
Language: English


   2. Technical Description of Components
    Multi-Pilot 2xx Component Arrangement
    Solo Pilot 2xx Component Arrangement
    Multi-Pilot 3xx Component Arrangement
    Solo Pilot 3xx Component Arrangement
    Travel switch/Accelerator pedal
    Brake system
    Steering system
    Chassis / load section connection
    Hydraulic system
    Electrical System
    Information and Service Display
   3. General Truck Data / Test and Setting Values
    EFG 2xx General Truck Data
    EFG 2xx Test and Setting Values
    EFG 2xx Torques
    EFG 3xx General Truck Data
    EFG 3xx Test and Setting Values
    EFG 3xx Torques
   4. Truck Maintenance
   5. Service Manual Items
    Steering angle sensor replacement /adjustments 6001
    Steering angle potentiometer replacement / adjustment B 6002
    Brake multi-plate replacement D 6001
    Braking distances, minimum braking ratio D 6360.03
    Main brake cylinder (single stage) D 6360.14
    Guidelines for brake line installation D 6360.16
    Screw connection torques in brake systems D 6360.18
    Brake fluid replacement D 6360.19
    Parking brakes D 6360.21
    Steering auxiliary motor connection layout F 4001
    Outer cylinder replacement G 2002
    Check dimensions and settings for masts with angled support rollers G 6233.01
    Load chain elongation testing G 6355.01
    Forks G1 6401 .01
    Control valve standard setting I 5001
    Assembly instructions for die ring screw connections I 6600.06
    Lowering brakes and line brake safety devices 1 6632.01
    Notes on how to avoid accidents and materialdamage during maintenance,test and repair work on industrial trucks with electronic components J 6900.09
    Notes on how to avoid malfunctions and material damage when cleaning an industrial truck 2 0000.15
    Colour coding key 3 6900.08
    Wheel bolt disassembly / assembly 004 039 019 00004
    Tilt speed setting 006 034 000 00003
    Sensor Bearing Disassembly/Assembly 004 014 293 00003
   6. AS 4812 plus F and AS 4814 plus H CAN Bus Controllers
    AS 4812 plus F Traction Current Controller
    Lilt controller
    Pin layout on the AS 4812 plus F / AS 4814 plus H
    Interface 3
    Interface 4
    Exposing the Interface Card
    Multi Pilot
    Block Diagram for EFG with Solo-Pilot
    Block Diagram for EFG with Multi-Pilot
    Parameter Setting
    Error messages
   7. LISA SETTINGS (Version: 3.01)
    Structural Diagram: LISA Service Mode (Part 1)
    Travel parameter setting
    Lift Parameter Setting
    Steering parameter setting
    Battery parameter setting
    Error log book display
   8. Electrical wiring diagrams
    Diagram terminology list
    52009244 EFG-DF/V AC SP wiring diagram
    52009245 EFG-DF/V AC MP wiring diagram
    99501596 EFG-DF/V AC SP wiring diagram
    99501597 EFG-DF/V AC MP wiring diagram
    52031137 ISM (Jubes level 12)
    52031548 ISM (Jubes level 3/4)
    99504260 Code Lock
    99505566 Traction current cutout
    99504119 Central voltage tap (12V / 24V / 48V)
    99501621 OHG wire transformer
    52027461 Transformer
    52026672 Roadtraffic regulations lighting diagram
    99501184 Rear compartment warning mechanismconnection diagram
    52027475 Work lights 43 volts
    52027933 Lighting SET A (brake light, rear light; dippedlight)
    99506520 BASF road traffic system lighting(S5 / S6 permanent mode)
    52027475 Work lights 48 volts
    52027983 Lighting SET A (brake light, rear light; dippedlight)
    99506520 BASF road trattic system lighting(S5 / S6 permanent mode)
    52027985 Brake light
    52035947 Heating 48 volts
    52027460 Reverse lights 48 volts
    99501368 Rear compartment warning device
    99505188 Rear section warning device, adjustable
    52027988 Beacon
    52029097 Buzzer
    05040386 Twin pedal
    52027984 Strobe
    52030737 Windscreen wiper system / heating
    99503871 Windscreen wiper system / interval / rearwindscreen heating
    99502338 Windscreen heating, complete
    99501273 Cushioned seat / 24 volt seat heating
    99504256 MSG 85 driver`s seat with heating
    99502854 MSG 65/75 driver`s seat with heating/compressor
    99501603 MSG75 driver`s seat with heating
    99501606 MSG65 driver`s seat with heating
    99501607 MSG20 driver`s seat
    99501608 MSG20 driver`s seat with heating
    99501613 ISRI driver`s seat
    99501616 Savas driver`s seat
    99503014 MSG 65 seat belt control with heating
    99501727 MSG 20 belt locking control
    52032561 Bodyguard and monitoring
    99501396 Bodyguard monitoring / signal
    52032518 ERS restraint system
    52032515 AS restraint system
    52020100 HRS-E restraint system
    52043043 Travel direction switch on the steeringcolumn
    99502861 On-board charging socket
    99505864 Aux. fan 48 V
    52033513 Lift cutout with override
    99502674 Tilt angle display
    52032133 Crawl speed for all lift heights
    05094087 Deadman switch
    52031363 Cold store SP
    99501743 Monitor control, cold store
   9. Hydraulic diagrams
    05074932 Hydraulic diagram 3 and 4 wheel with proportional valve (Multi Pilot)
    05074933 Hydraulic diagram 3 and 4 wheel with manual control (Multi Pilot)