Linde C360, C400, H420, H460 Lift Truck 356 Series Service Training (Workshop) Manual0

Original Illustrated Factory Service Training (Workshop) Manual for Linde Trucks Type 356: Container Handlers Models C360, C400 and Forklift Trucks Models H420, H460.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

Covered models:

Format: PDF, 355 Pages
Language: English

   1. Diesel engine
    1.1 Engine specifications
    1.2 Explanation of the engine number
    1.3 Adjusting the tappet clearances
    1.3.1 Checking the compression
    1.3.2 Removing the rocker cover
    1.4 Drivebelts
    1.4.1 Checking and adjusting the alternator and fan drivebelts
    1.4.2 Tensioning the drivebelts
    1.5 Cylinder head
    1.5.1 Removing the cylinder head
    1.5.2 Installing the cylinder head
    1.7 Checking engine timing
    1.8 Injection nozzles
    1.8.1 Injection nozzle fault
    1.8.2 Removal and installation of the injection nozzle and clamping nut
    1.8.3 Correcting the injection nozzles
    1.8.4 Injection nozzle assembly
    1.8.5 Inspecting the injection nozzles
    1.8.6 Assembling the injection nozzle
    1.8.7 Check the injection nozzle opening pressure
    1.9 Removing and installing the fuel injection pump
    1.10 Fuel feed pump
    1.11 Engine shutdown solenoid
    1.12 Cleaning the turbocharger oil feed
    1.13 Perkins by-pass filter
    1.14 Thermostat
    1.15 Coolant pump
    1.16 Fault diagnosis
    1.17 Torque loadings
    1.18 Special tools
   2. Hydrodynamic travel drive
    2.1 Schematic diagram of the power train
    2.2 Full view of power shift transmission
    2.2.1 36000 Series Power shift transmission, 4 speed
    2.2.2 Torque converter Purpose of the torque converter Basic design of the torque converter How a torque converter operates
    2.2.3 The power shift transmission Four Speed Transmission Oil flow in the power shift transmission Oil flow through the control valve Transmission dump system Upshift inhibitor
    2.3 Troubleshooting
    2.3.1 Pressure test and connections
    2.3.2 Aids for measurements
    2.3.3 CLARK 36000 series power shift transmission troubleshooting
    2.3.4 Electronic Gear Selector Description of the Electronic Gear Selector EGS fault diagnosis Inductive Sensor adjustment
    2.4 D 101 Series Drive axle
    2.4.1 Specifications for D101
    2.4.2 Axle drive settings
    2.4.3 Torques for screws and nuts
    2.4.4 Utilisation of liquid glue
    2.4.5 Disassembly or assembly of wheels with clamping rim fastener Assembly of hub differential Assembly of the face seal
    2.4.6 Hub planetary reduction gear Repairing the hub planetary reduction gear
    2.4.7 Axle drive Installing and adjusting the spiral bevel gear Adjusting the contact pattern Adjusting the spiral bevel gear taper roller bearing Securing the locknut Assembly of differential Assembly of axle carrier Adjustment of contact pattern of Gleason type gear teeth
    2.4.8 Special tools
   3. Truck body
    3.1 Cabin
    3.1.1 Repairing the cabin glass pane
    3.1.2 Repairing the cabin window pane (glass-to-glass)
    3.1.3 Repairing the cabin window pane with aluminium frame (sliding window)
    3.1.4 Repairing the roof window without frame or channels
   4. Steering system
    4.1 Steer axle Type L 101
    4.2 Steering hydraulics circuit diagram
    4.3 Description of the steering hydraulics
    4.4 Removing and installing the steer axle
    4.5 Repairing the steer axle
    4.5.1 Renewing the wheel bearings
    4.5.2 Adjusting the wheel bearings
    4.5.3 Stub axle Removing the stub axle Installing the stub axle
    4.5.4 Steering cylinder Removing and installing the steering cylinder Sealing the steering cylinder Changing the steering cylinder seals
    4.5.5 Adjusting the steering stops
    4.6 Special tools
   5. Braking System
    5.1 Braking system circuit diagram
    5.1.1 Description of the Hydraulic Braking System
    5.1.2 Schematic Diagram of the Braking System
    5.1.3 Pressure measurements
    5.1.4 Accumulator charging valve
    5.2 Construction of the Wet Multiple Disc Brake
    5.2.1 Checking the Lining Wear
    5.2.2 Installation of the Piston Cups
    5.2.3 Installation of the Piston into the Brake Anchor Plate
    5.2.4 Checking the Air gap
    5.2.5 Leakage Test Specification for the Hydraulic Braking System and the Cooling Oil Compartment
    5.2.6 Final Assembly
    5.2.7 Parking Brake
    5.2.8 Mechanical Floating Caliper Disc Brake
    5.2.9 Parking Brake Assembly
    5.2.10 Replacement of the Brake Pad
    5.2.11 Instructions for Assembly of the Disc Brake
    5.3.12 Brake Disc
   6 Electrical system
    6.1 Wiring diagrams
    6.1.1 Legend to wiring diagrams for models C360 / C400
    6.1.2 Truck wiring diagram for models C360/C400
    6.1.3 Legend to wiring diagrams H420 / H460 / H460 GPCH
    6.1.4 wiring diagrams for models H420 / H460 / H460 GPCH
    6.1.3 Wiring Diagram for Relay box B5
    6.1.4 Position of Boxes on the Vehicle
   7. Hydraulic system
    7.1 Hydraulic circuit diagrams
    7.1.1 Legend
    7.1.2 Hydraulic circuit diagram for models C360 / C400
    7.1.3 Hydraulic circuit diagram for models H420 / H460 / H460 GPCH
    7.1 .4 Pilot control circuit schematic for models C360 / C400
    7.1.5 Working Hydraulic circuit schematic for models C360 / C460
    7.1 .6 Pilot control circuit schematic for models H420 / H460 / H460 GPCH
    7.1.7 Working Hydraulic circuit schematic for models H420 / H460 / H460 GPCH
    7.2 Functional description of the hydraulic system
   8. Mast and Spreader
    8.1 Mast type C 360 / C 400
    8.1.1 Total view
    8.1.2 Mast
    8.1.3 Cabin installation Cabin installation Mast installation Spreader installation Adjusting the mast angle of tilt
    8.1.4 Sealing the cylinders General notes on sealing the cylinders Servicing the lift cylinder Construction of lift cylinder Sealing the lift cylinder Servicing the tilt cylinder Construction of the tilt cylinder Sealing the tilt cylinder
    8.2 Spreader for models C 360 / C 400 (type 818)
    8.2.1 Total view of spreader type 818
    8.2.2 Method of operation and construction
    8.2.3 Hydraulic Circuit Diagram for Spreader Type 818
    8.2.4 Wiring Diagrams for Spreader Type 818
    8.2.5 Repairs on spreader type 818 Repairing the sliding bearings Repairing the pendulartwistlocks Repairing the beam extension cylinder Construction of the beam extension cylinder Removal of the beam extension cylinder Renewing the beam extension cylinder seals Repairing the slew and outreach cylinder Construction of the slew and outreach cylinder Renewing the slew and outreach cylinder seals Repairing the stop cylinder Construction of the stop cylinders Sealing the stop cylinder
    8.3 Mast type H 420 / H 460 / H460 GPCH
    8.3.1 General view
    8.3.2 Mast Construction
    8.3.3 Assembly Cabin installation Mast assembly Assembly of the fork carriage Adjusting the tilt angle of the mast Spreader installation
    8.3.4 Sealing the cylinders General notes on sealing the cylinders Servicing the lift cylinder Servicing the tilt cylinder
    8.4 Spreader H 460 GPCH (Type 815)
    8.4.1 General view
    8.4.2 Method of operation and construction
    8.4.3 Hydraulic Circuit Diagram for Spreader Type 815
    8.4.4 Electric circuit diagrams for spreader type 815
    8.4.5 Servicing spreader type 815 Servicing the sliding bearings Servicing the twistlocks Servicing the beam extension cylinder Servicing the outreach cylinder Servicing the stop cylinder
   9. Optional equipment
    9.1 Automatic greasing system
    9.1.1 Functional description
    9.1.2 Technical data
    9.1 .3 Position of distribution blocks and grease points
    9.1.4 Wiring diagram
    9.1.5 Grease pump
    9.1.6 Electronic timer Functional description Adjusting the interval time
    9.1 .6.3 Testing the timer and the complete system Venting procedure Alarm signals
    9.1.7 Dispensers Description Dispenser versions Dispenser operation
    9.1.8 Other components Pressure switch Grease reservoir Grease piston
    9.1.9 Lubricant Greenlube lubricant specifications Filling the reservoir
    9.1.10 Malfunctions and remedies
    9.2 Airconditioning
   10. Technical Data
    10.1 C 360, C 400
    10.2 H 420, H 460, H 460 GPCH