Epic Crash Cymbal Samples

Bassadelic.com presents: 'Epic Crash Cymbal Samples' ______________________________________________________ William Dunn (the audio engineer who also produces electronic music under the monikers StrangeFlow and 5ifty$ix K) has provided this incredible sample product, which contains 31 high-fidelity cymbal drum crash samples in .WAV format. These samples are, in many cases, layered, and some of them boast incredibly long sustains, to help fill in sound gaps in music production. Samples of this quality really speak for themselves, and when you hear them in your final mix, you'll hear the difference. They each range in time from 11 seconds to almost 30 seconds in duration. They are rinsed and affected samples that were recorded, originally, from a variety of sound sources, including the TR 808; the TR 909; the TR 68 (an especially rare drum machine); the DMX 606; and more. They are unique in structure, and each have received a full range of hi-fi sound manipulations (including different forms of compression; and in some cases, minor phasing and slight frequency-shifting) to make them much more palatable and professional-sounding. Basically, these cymbals have been designed to be as useful in mixing and music production as possible. If you're looking to give some real weight to a drop or breakdown in the middle of a song, these ultra-crisp crash cymbals will really help! You won't have to worry about whether or not your cymbal drums will be sound sufficiently thick and satisfying when you drop one of these into your next tune. All of these samples are royalty-free, encoded in 16 bit, 44.100 hz .WAV format , and usable in any standard DAW component or software that allows for .WAV audio support. You can use these samples in any production, both personal AND commercial. You can NOT, however, resell them as your own.