StrangeFlow's Authentic Electro Swing Samples VOL. 3

This package is about 300 MB, and contains:
- 66 authentic swing samples from the original swing era
- 10 beats
- 6 vocal samples
- 30 Funky Snares... and:
- 31 Epic Crash Cymbals (perfect for adding essential rhythmic elements to your compositions.)

StrangeFlow's Authentic Electro Swing Samples (Vol. 3)

Get out your zoot suits...uh... I mean...go out and buy a zoot suit, get your flapper gear looking ducky, and head to your nearest speakeasy. Why? Because producers of electro swing have just got a brand new weapon... StrangeFlow's Authentic Electro Swing Samples Vol. 3 !!

The 'StrangeFlow's Authentic Electro Swing,' series is, by far, one of our most popular products at (that and the trap packages we also do) and for good reason; they're swanky as ALL HELL! Electro swing (be it on the house music - or - the hip hop end of the spectrum) is huge right now. It's so much fun! Everywhere from Australia, Asia (and Europe, especially) and also across North America, swing clubs and swing parties have opened up, promoting a musical revolution that is completely unparalleled. Carefree, melodic, always bass-heavy, full of fun electronic sounds and old school swing/jazz/big band samples from the first half of the century, electro swing is truly one of the hallmarks of our time!

To put it another way, this ISN'T your parent's swing revival...


. Acid Pro
. Pro Tools
. FL Studio
. Reason
. Live
. & any and ALL programs that support .WAV file format.

So what musicians were sampled for this product, anyhow?

Paul Whiteman (The biggest name in swing music, hands down. He's the one who originally popularized it for mainstream audiences... Having his audio in your arsenal is -- at least in my opinion -- very important)

Mamie Smith

Aileen Stanley

Carln Fenton and His Orchestra

Vincent Lopez & His Hotel Pennsylvania Orchestra

Zen Confrey and His Orchestra

Abe Lyman & the Hotel Ambassador Orchestra

The Original Dixieland Jazz Band

Robert Dudley

Kid Orley

Ethel Waters

Joseph C. Smith's Orchestra

Specht's Jazz Outfit

Benson Orchestra of Chicago

"There really is NOTHING else quite like this product on the market. And, it's insanely reasonable in pricing.
You might wonder why it's so inexpensive... Is it because we don't have confidence in our products? That's not
it at all: WE HAVE FULL CONFIDENCE in EVERYTHING we release, we're just NOT trying to rip you off, that's all,
honestly. I'm a musician, and I would hate having to pay sixty or seventy bucks for ANY sample pack, it's just
ridiculous, which is why I keep mine at decent-minded prices. That's my story, and I'm definitely sticking to
it! My music / sample releases on Bassadelic are affordable, high-quality products, and I'm going to keep it
that way."


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Thanks! And we REALLY hope you enjoy the samples!!!

This product contains 100% royalty-free and/or copyright-expired tracks, and is legally allowed to be sold in
the U.S. You can use these audio files in any of your musical compositions or projects, both personal AND
commercial. The one thing you can't do, however, is resell the samples. That's all. Other than that, rub some funk on your new tunes and get EVERYBODY'S fingers snapping to your next album! :)