Cloud Rap Atmospherics - Purple Pads and Blissful Melodies

Cloud Rap Atmospherics
(Purple Pads and Blissful Melodies)

Produced by StrangeFlow ((

0.8 Gigabytes of audio ((including .4 GB of 16 bit .WAV and a duplicate .4 GB set of samples @ in .AIFF format.))

(Plus free demo samples of other packages)

Time Signatures, as well as tempo’s, are clearly identified.
This package contains instrumental samples, as well as 60 trap rhythms and 31 epic cymbal crashes.

Cloud rap - with it’s airy aesthetics, purple swag, and hazy / lush grooves – it’s a genre that has been blowing up lately. Pioneers like A$AP Rocky, Clams Casino, Spaceghost Purp, Lil B (as well as old school geniuses like Dilla) have paved the way for a new generation of hip hop producers to (smoothly) bomb the underground clubs, albums and mixtapes with a chilled out and colorful set of interesting new sounds. Cloud rap also takes influence from DJ Screw, the originator (and master) of Houston’s chopped ‘n’ screwed sound, with it’s cut up and slowed down – as well as phased out – hip hop musical influences.

Float atop a mellow kush breeze with these based melodies and lush pads, and get your mixes sounding cloudy and plush in no time! This package contains full-scale pads, bell samples, sustained cymbal pads, as well as many fine melodies that take influence from a variety of rappers and hip hop producers.

The sounds in this sample package range in feeling from serene and relaxing, to downright eery and wonky (and, somehow, still quite relaxing…) and yet all of them are designed to fit perfectly with slowed down hip hop breaks. These sounds will allow you to pour a half a bottle of purple syrup all over your new tunes and beats.

This package includes a variety of colorful sounds, from synthesizer loops to brass and violin sounds. They have been, in some cases, affected with phasers; luscious tape delays; and all of the instrument samples have extremely soothing reverb. The instrument/synth samples range in tempo from 70 to 90 BPM (though they can, of course, be sped up to whatever tempo you desire.)

This product ALSO contains 60 trap rhythm samples, each @ about 13 seconds in duration, and each @ 142 BPM.

In total, there is about an hour of original audio content, so previewing the samples will be almost as fun as building tracks out of them. So if you want, feel free to put this package into a playlist, sit back and groove to all your new samples! It’s almost like listening to a new album!

Well, sort of.

In full, this sample pack contains:

- 60 Trap Beats (the Trap Beats Vol. 1 Package!)
- 31 Epic Cymbal Crashes
- 10 One-Shot Sustained Bell Samples
- 10 Sustained Cymbal Pads
- 9 ASAP Violin Loops
- 12 Brassy Sky Pads
- 12 Concerto Skrew Sustained Notes (Scale)
- 12 Slow Paradise Sustained Notes (Scale)
- 10 Lean Buzz Loops
- 10 Lost in Space Loops (Very Eery)
- 8 Midnight Kush Loops
- 11 Seriously Wonky Loops (Heavily Inspired by Boards of Canada)
- 10 Sinister Ambience Loops
- 9 Three-Foot Blunt Loops
- 2 Misc Melodic Samples
- A bunch of demo packs.

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These samples are all original and royalty-free. You can use them in all commercial or personal music projects. You can do whatever you want to with them – BUT, legally you CANNOT resell them. Other than that, go nuts, have fun! 

Well, that's about it! Happy Mixin’ !

-StrangeFlow (Will Dunn)