Simteks and StrangeFlow's Ultra Funky Neurostep

Question: Who is responsible for this filth?

Answer: Simteks and StrangeFlow, champions of music production
and music blogging!

Anyway, in case you're wondering who Simteks and StrangeFlow are,
Simteks is known for his incredible music production website
( as well as for his high-powered bass-killing
electronic music - and for his skills in the field of audio

StrangeFlow is known for his funkified and forward-thinking
electronic music, as well as for his website (
a blog for music producers.

The two teamed up to put these 'North Korean Neuro Bass Bombz'
(Oh, I mean 'Ultra Funky Neurostep' ... "bombz"...) into a
series of .WAV files, and these samples are ready to be
plugged into your DAW immediately, and shoot insane bass-fire
out onto your dancefloor!

It was our mission to capture a specific sound of modern
electronic music... something on the funkier and bass-heavy
side of neurostep music, including bass riffs and sustains with
massive oscillations, frequency changes, and overal sound
progressions typical to much of what is considered, "the neuro sound."

We have also taken great influence from many artists, including
KOAN Sound and Opiuo, just to name a couple. We have nothing
but props for these musicians, and for all musicians who
continue to push the boundaries and exptectations of music and

We have added a number of beats and drum samples, as well. All
the beats, as well as the bass loops and riffs, are in the 100
BPM to 106 BPM range, allowing the producer the ability to
create funky / neuro midtempo grooves as quickly as possible.
Though, it should be noted that you can, of course, speed up
the tempos when using these loops, if you want to, and that 100
to 106 BPM is merely the speed at which these sounds were
recorded at, and you will find that most of them sound best
when played closer to their original tempo (or faster).

In addition to everything else, a number of bass one-shots have
been added which are solid and easy to use in production.
have included some bonus material, as well, which is
mostly unrelated to the 'neuro' theme of this package, though
these extra samples can be used however you see fit.

These are all .WAV samples, and are compatible with all major
devices that allow for use of .WAV files.

There's nothing else quite like this sample pack out there, and
we really hope you enjoy these samples and find them useful!

(c)2013. Bassadelic and Simteksmusic

These samples are legal to use in commercial as well as non-commercial applications.
It is unlawful to resell the samples contained in this product.