Trapper's Secret Weaponz (2900+ Samples)


Trapper's Secret Weaponz contains 2,963 HIGH-QUALITY .WAV Audio files.
Yes, that was a comma; you get almost THREE THOUSAND samples in this pack.

2.1 GIGS of material for all your musical production needs.

EVERYTHING you could want to make trap/hip hop. This product spans the gambit, including a thousand vocal samples, glitchy fx, hundreds of drum samples, beats - and it even dips into footwork, too; you'll be completely ahead of the game as the tempo of trap has begun to go up.

If you're looking for an ultra-comprehensive package to provide some real secret weaponz for your trap game, look NO FURTHER...

Almost 3,000 .WAV files, all royalty-free. All of them. You can use them however you wish.

In other words, it's a serious investment in your future productions, and you will have a MUCH easier time separating your music from the garbage out there.

To put it another way, if T.I. had this collection of sounds, maybe he woulda' put out another hit by now.......

So if you're not looking to hugely expand your sound library and give yourself a huge leg up, this is probably not the package for you... But if you ARE looking to expand, this package can last you years, and will give you what you're looking for.

All samples are COMPLETELY ROYALTY-FREE. They can be used in all your commercial and personal music productions, but these samples can not be resold. In other words, no digital yardsales. Other than that, have fun, and destroy your enemies with these secret trap weaponz!

Track Listing:

These thousands of samples were originally in pre-existing original sample packages sold on, and samples from those packages were consolidated into one package. Any duplicate samples were deleted, and the track listing is as follows:


…500…. From “(vol 1) 500 Trap Music Vocal Samples”
…500…. From ”(vol 2) Trap Music Vocal Samples (Ultimate Edition)”


…109… From “Drumpocalypse Cuts From the Future!”
…213… From “Synthadelic Space Madness Samples!”

Drum One-Shots:

…170… From “StrangeFlow’s Dope 909 Drum Samples”
…173… From “StrangeFlow's Super Sick 808 Samples”
…31… From “Epic Crash Cymbals”
…30… From “StrangeFlow’s 30 Funky Snares”
…79… From “TR808-606-MUTANT-HI-HAT-SAMPLES”


…500… From “500 Trap Music Synth Samples”
…213… From “StrangeFlow’s Footwork & Juke Samples”
…60… From “Trap Beats Vol. 1”
…277… From “Crate Digger’s Paradise” (a sample pack inspired by the crate-digging process of Detroit hip hop legend, J Dilla; this one is 2 sample packs in one, the first with 70s-style funk samples – and the second one with Dilla-style hip hop rhythm samples and beats.

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Considering the price that you would have to pay to get this bundle of 11 different sample packages individually, at normal sale price, the cost would be $114 USD.

So why is it cheaper than that if you buy in bulk? Simple economics - when you buy in bulk, you get things cheaper. Same thing at the trap house, buying cocaine or ecstasy; larger amount means you get a price cut. So, considering the price cut you're getting here, you'll pay close to 3 times the price at least if you are obtaining all these samples at normal individual prices!

So if you're serious about your music, you should definitely check this one out. For previews of individual samples, go to .