StrangeFlow's Footwork & Juke Samples

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but I finally got the juke sample pack finished. I actually had a good start on it, a few months ago, but then my hard drive crashed and I lost all the samples… So, I decided I’d do the samples over again, and this time, do ‘em better! Juke is a fast, vert rhythmic style of dance music that originated from thecity of Chicago and takes influence primarily from ghetto house music. It should come as no suprise that the city that created house music knows a thing or to about how to put together a damn good dance tune, and juke is a great example of that. Juke has been created for years, but it has recently received internationalrecognition, with artists such as Addison Groove and labels such as Night Slugs and Planet Mu making their contribution to the genre. However, some of the originals (who are still jukin’ it up today) include DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn, just to name a couple. An exciting aspect of juke music is the footwork dancing you see at parties where juke music might be played. In fact, the music is designed for the dancers, and if you haven’t seen footwork dancing, I suggest you look it up immediatlely, as it is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time! Dancers move their feet in such a fast and complex, stylistic way; it’s mesmerizing, and I only wish I knew how to do it, myself (or was physically capable of moving THAT fast – it’s really insane what footwork dancers can do… It looks UNREAL…) So, if you want to make Chicago style juke beats, you’ll be purchasing the right product! I hope you enjoy this package, as I spent a lot of time with it and tried as hard as possible to make this the most useful product it could be for making juke tunes. So, with further ado, here’s what you can expect from this sample pack, in total: 630 Audio Samples: - 150 BEATS (50 @ 145 BPM, 50 @ 155 BPM, 50 @ 165 BPM) - 50 MELODIC JUKE RIFFS - 341 Drum One Shots (Complete TR-808 Drums, and Complete TR-909 Drums) (….YES, you get a COMPLETE COPY OF ALL THE 909 & 808 SAMPLES!!!!!) - 8 Synth Pads - EXTRAS: – 20 (DEMO) Hardcore Moombah Beats – 20 (DEMO) Wonky Beats – 20 (DEMO) Trap Music Vocal Samples – 30 Funky Snares