Moombah Loops (150 Beats)

StrangeFlow and Bassadelic present... 'Moombah Loops (150 High Quality Moombah Beats)' ((This is a rebranding of the sample package, 'Hardcore Moombah.')) 'Moombah Loops' contains nothing but club-bangin beats to kickstart your EDM tunes and shake the dancefloor! This product contains - 75 beats @ 110 bpm - 75 beats @ 130 bpm (also, as a free gift, StrangeFlows 30 Funky Snares has also been included. Its one of a handful of free sample packs available at now!) Moombah has been killing the dancefloor lately, and can be heard in musical styles ranging from hip hop to dubstep, and beyond. With this sample pack, you are given the chance to explore these sounds further, as these beats help any producer looking to make moombah or moombahcore tunes. Some of the beats in this package have the strength and intensity of hard techno and gabber, while some of them have the agility and quick-pacing of juke or hip hop - and some of them just maintain the classic moombah and moombahcore style, with that pounding pulse that has been taking the world by storm for the last couple of years! These instrumental beats are sure to help you with your future edm productions. They are organized into two categories: 110 bpm, and 130 bpm. This is to give you a range of possibilities for making moombah and moombahcore-based tracks. This package was designed to do one thing, and one thing only: to give musicians and producers access to 150 high-quality beats, immediately. All the beats are original, sequenced, and ready to load into any music programs that are capable of loading .WAV files. Capable with: Acid Pro Ableton Live Propellerhead Reason Logic Recycle & More.