StrangeFlow's Ultra Thick Layered Snares
Ultimate New Orleans Bounce Samples
Footwork & Juke Vocal Samples (by 5ifty$ix K)
Stuck in the GRIME TRAP
Hardcore Jungle Footwork Beats (VOL 1)
Trap and Footwork Anthemz (samples)
Electro Swing Ultra Bundle (The Jean-Marc Discount!) thanks again, man!
Electro Swing Samples, Vol 4
Footwork Bundle (1000+ Footwork Drum and Vocal Samples)
Trapper's Secret Weaponz (2900+ Samples)
Crate Digger's Paradise (sample pack)
Trapper's 2PACK (1239 Vocal Samples)
Old Skool Rave Samples (VOL 1)
Trap Vocal Samples 2 (739 Sounds - ULTIMATE EDITION)
StrangeFlow's Authentic Electro Swing Samples VOL. 3
Drumpocalypse: Glitch and Noise FX Samples From Inside a Black Hole!
Cloud Rap Atmospherics - Purple Pads and Blissful Melodies
African Dance Samples 1: Melodies & Percussion
3-in-1 Ultimate Trap Super Pack
Trap Beats Vol. 1 (
Moombah Loops (150  Beats)
StrangeFlow's Insane Glitch Hop Samples
Epic Crash Cymbal Samples
Simteks and StrangeFlow's Ultra Funky Neurostep
StrangeFlow's Footwork & Juke Samples
500 Trap Music Vocal Samples
Electro Swing Samples VOL 2 !