"Entrances 101" with Patty Sorell, CBA Balloon Arch DVD

Patty Sorell is back again with her "no nonsense" approach to balloon decor with "Entrances 101". During the course of this video, you'll learn 13 different arch, column and accent styles that are sure to cover a wide array of themes and events. And Patty also takes the time to show you how she makes her custom bases for all her indoor decor needs.

Running time: 90 minutes

Skill level: All

String of Pearl Arch
Link-O-Loon Arch
Link / Megaloon Arch
Mixed Media Arch
Pearls and Lace Arch
Proscenium Arch
Personalized Arch
Foil Arch
Wild Column
Initial Column
Dolphin Column
Under the Sea Accent
Outtakes segment