"30 Minute Themes - Christmas" with Steven Jones - Balloon Decor Instructional Video

"30 Minute Themes - Christmas" offers four different designs: an entrance piece, an accent piece, a centerpiece and something else just for fun, and all within 30 minutes or less. This makes it a quick and easy video to both watch and learn from. Throw in the reduced price of only $20 and you just can't go wrong! Sell any one of the designs on this video and you're sure to make your money back two or three times AT LEAST of the very first sale! So put some dough in your "Ho, ho HO!" with this installment of "30 Minute Themes."

Running time: 30 minutes

Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced

"The Gift of Christmas" Entrance
Ornament Accent Topiary
Christmas Light Centerpiece
Fun Santa Hat