Babin Preset Collection 001

The Collection 001

With my photography I started off with one goal — to create a look and feel that was uniquely my own. I wanted someone to know that a photo was mine before even looking at who took it. Over the last year, my goal shifted into wanting to find a way to help other creatives make the most of their pictures. After testing hundreds of images and styles I think I’ve created a preset system that can pas the look onto you. 

This collection is the 5 main looks I’ve based my work on over the last year. 

What You’ll Receive
My biggest priority was creating a pack of assets that would get you as close to your desired looks as possible, so included in the kit is 5 different looks Babin01 - Babin05, in addition there are 5 variations of each look at a different exposure level to best work with different photos and styles of photography work.  The files will look like this inside of Lightroom 

In addition there are 4 experimental presets included, these are a few looks that I’ve been testing out but haven't completely figured out yet. Regardless, I wanted to let you guys get your hands on them early and see if they provide any value. 

Really appreciate the support and if you dig the presets and use them be sure to tag @babin + @babinspresets on Instagram and I’ll share them around <3