Premium Flyer: Templates and Bundles
License: Unlimited commercial use
The Unlimited license gives you the right to use any flyer template purchased on Awesomeflyer unlimited in a personal or commercial project for yourself or a client, but the flyer template cannot be resold or redistributed in it’s original shape or form.

What’s allowed
  • Unlimited personal or commercial use
  • Use in unlimited commercial project
  • Using as part of new artwork/projects there are no restrictions of distribution
What’s not allowed
  • You are not allowed to redistribute, resell, lease, license, sublicense or offer files downloaded from Awesomeflyer to any third party “as is”
  • Using as part of new artwork/projects there is no resell allowed if the the item has high similarity to the original

Some products includes special licensed picture or footage elements. Every product has it own product description where you find special picture and footage information. All elements which are not covered by an extern license will be covered by this license.

If you are still confused or unclear about what’s allowed with our standard license, don’t hesitate to contact us.
If you have any question about our flyers, don’t hesitate to contact us!