Travel Film Transition Pack (4 Transitions)

Included in this preset pack are 4 versions of the popular travel film transitions including:

  • Luma Fade (in & out)
  • Quick Zoom w/ Motion Blur (in & out)
  • Smooth Spin W/ Motion Blur
  • Smooth Warp Transition
*You must be working with footage that is the same dimensions as your sequece for these effects to work properly.

Install through your effects panel by right-clicking panel settings and selecting "import presets" as seen below

See video above for instructions.

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LUMA FADE is a 9 frame transition, so make sure you have at least 9 frames overlapping (as shown below) to complete the transition
Quick Zoom is a 3 frame transition designed to zoom in to tighter shots (adjust position as necessary to center your subject). YOU MUST cut out and overlap the three frames in order for this to work properly (see image below)

Smooth Spin can last whatever length you prefer. Simply add two (2)  adjustment layers above your two clips you'd like to transition and apply the effects to the respective adjustment layer. Add a two (2) frame cross-dissolve to smooth out transition (as seen in image below)

Smooth Warp can last whatever length you prefer. Simply add an adjustment layer above the two clips you'd like to transition and add the effect to the adjustment layer. Add a cross dissolve between the two clips to smooth transition (as seen below)