Happy Dancing Cells - Higher Timelines
Healthy AbunDANCE
Benji's Story
Magnetic Coil, Grounding Cord (Frequency Activation Meditation)
Lion's Gate Transmission, Teleconference 08:08:16
ORION'S GATE (09:09)
Water, Water Everywhere..
Frequency Activator Template, True Love
Frequency Activator Template - Dynamic Network Access (DNA)
Frequency Activator Template - 12 Sphere Crystal, Tree of Life
ALBA Mastery Award, Training Programme
Starseed Chrysalis, Frequency Activator Template
Stargate Aurora, Frequency Activator Template, Image
Light Aurora Template (Personalised)
The Collective, Frequency Activator Template Image
Plasma Pod
The Girl who Fell through the Cracks
Aurora Pillars of Light: Frequency Folder (MP3 & PDF)
A Polar Ice Story - Multi-sensory guided journey, Booklet & MP3


Multi-Kaleidoscopes of pleasure, leading to many jewelled vistas of Treasure...


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