MITM 2012 - Dave Schock Audio

This is an MP3 Audio recording of Dave Schock's talk given during the Miracles in the Mountains – A Conference With the Scribes – 2012 seminar.
David Schock - “Introduction to the Way of Mastery”

Way of Mastery presenter Dave Schock has been a student of A Course in Miracles for over twenty years, and Way of Mastery for over fifteen.

He has taught groups for each teaching for many years, and is the author of the authorized “Introduction to the Way of Mastery” booklet. In addition to his study of WOM, he has received eight private sessions with the source of WOM, and as part of this has become a Jeshua (Jesus) and Miriam (Mary Magdalene) channel himself.

He has accompanied the channel of WOM Jayem on six pilgrimages to the Holy Lands, and studied the extensive pathway of Way of Mastery, including the five core texts and four living practices.

He offers private spiritual counseling sessions, and teaches Way of Mastery workshops nationally and abroad.

David is also an accomplished and noted, artist, with over 20,000 pieces of his work in collections world wide.