MITM 2019 - Full Conference Audio

This is a collection of all of the recorded talks given during the Miracles in the Mountains "Miracle Scribes, and Mystics - 2019" seminar!

The Transformational Power of Limitless Love and True Forgiveness
Based on A Course in Miracles (ACIM), A Course of Love (ACOL), Way of Mastery (WOM), and Big Love and Forgiveness!

It contains over 10 HOURS of audio material in 12 HD QUALITY MP3 files. You will hear the entire presentation from each of the following teachers:

Kathy Scott Perry Introduction
Jon Mundy Presentation
Carol Howe Presentation
Mari Perron & Mary Love Presentation
Tina Spalding Presentation
Jon Marc Hammer Presentation
Elizabeth Geer Presentation
Elizabeth Geer Guided Meditation
Scott Stabile Presentation
Jon Mundy & Carol Howe Breakout Session
Tina Spalding Breakout Session
Kathy Scott Perry Presentation