MITM 2012 - Full Conference Audio

This is a collection of all of the recorded talks given during the Miracles in the Mountains – A Conference With the Scribes – 2012 seminar. It contains over 11.8 HOURS of audio material in 11 MP3 files. You will hear the entire presentation from each of the following teachers :

Gary Renard & Cindy Lora-Renard
Regina Dawn Akers
Sylvain du Boullay & Phoebe Lauren
Jayem (Jon Marc Hammer)
Brent Haskell
Mari Perron
David Schock
Scott Kalechstein Grace
Here is a short description of each of the presenters:

David Schock - “Introduction to the Way of Mastery”

Way of Mastery presenter Dave Schock has been a student of A Course in Miracles for over twenty years, and Way of Mastery for over fifteen. He has taught groups for each teaching for many years, and is the author of the authorized “Introduction to the Way of Mastery” booklet. In addition to his study of WOM, he has received eight private sessions with the source of WOM, and as part of this has become a Jeshua (Jesus) and Miriam (Mary Magdalene) channel himself. He has accompanied the channel of WOM Jayem on six pilgrimages to the Holy Lands, and studied the extensive pathway of Way of Mastery, including the five core texts and four living practices. He offers private spiritual counseling sessions, and teaches Way of Mastery workshops nationally and abroad.

David is also an accomplished and noted, artist, with over 20,000 pieces of his work in collections world wide.

Jon Marc Hammer - “Opening up to the Christ Path”
In his own words:

“I am a humbled lover of God, who is but Love, and a sharer of the infinite capacity and intelligence of Love, knowing that each and every soul is the most precious creation in creation. To take up the Great Work of real liberation is to be 'returned' from hell to heaven. The soul cannot rest until this atonement is completed.”

Regina Dawn Akers - “Letting an Unreal World Awaken Us”

Regina Dawn Akers was first introduced to A Course in Miracles in the mid-nineties. She read a portion of the book at that time, but had great difficulty understanding it, so she put it in a drawer next to her bed. Several years later, in April of 2004, Regina spontaneously remembered the book in the drawer by her bed. She took it out and began reading The Manual for Teachers. She chose that section of the course, because she wasn’t ready to make a “big commitment” to the course, and it is the shortest of three sections in A Course in Miracles.

After reading The Manual for Teachers, Regina decided to commit herself to the course. She planned to take it on her family’s upcoming Disney Cruise vacation. She promised herself she would begin studying the text and the workbook on that vacation.

Read More About Regina Here

Mari Perron - “A Course of Love”

Mari Perron is the person who took the inner dictation from Jesus for “A Course of Love”, and who physically wrote the books. Like Helen Schucman of A Course in Miracles, Mari followed a process of inner dictation whose source was Jesus. The result of that channeling — “A Course of Love” — continually returns to a central theme: the heart knows more than the mind.

Sylvain du Boullay and Phoebe Lauren - “Perceiving Miracles in Your Life by Becoming a Miracle Worker”

Since early childhood, Sylvain has been focused on the message of truth. Master of Business Administration, father of three children, he has been led to cease all trying to find security in the world for more than thirty years. His encounter with A Course In Miracles in 1986 led him to embark on adventures he could never have predicted. After participating in the French translation of ACIM for the Foundation for Inner Peace in 1986 – 1987, he was led to go to the US and meet various people, including Phoebe Lauren with whom he was asked by Jesus to co-scribe the book “Beyond A Course In Miracles”.

Gary Renard - “Love Has Forgotten No One”

"Gary R. Renard is the A Course in Miracles speaker and author in highest demand today. So many people have become ACIM students through Gary's engaging works. His teaching is uniquely in-depth and entertaining as he speaks from the heart, and the "street." Simple and effective."

– Kelli McGowan, Marin County, California
Cindy Lora is an innovative and extraordinary talent blending an eclectic mix of Visionary/New Age, Alternative Pop and meditative sounds with contemporary beats to create a unique style. Her sultry vocals, creative lyrics, and primal rhythms produce a state of mind which takes the listener to higher places where courage, wisdom, and passion can transform.

Brent Haskell - “Challenges and Dilemmas Associated with Living in the World”

Brent is the author of Journey Beyond Words and The Other Voice: A Companion to the Text of The Course Chapters 1-15 (Miracles Studies Book). His presentation outline was as follows:

If the script is written, then how does the world seem to allow changes and accomplishments, i.e. learning and the change that comes with it, and choices that we make?
If the script is written, how can we effect healing and change, and how should we go about it?
How is it that the thoughts of the brain delude us into thinking that we are following a path to allow the death of the ego, when the ego itself is making up that same path?
Ego versus personality and the difference between the two and how that affects living in the world;
What is faith, how does it work, and CAN it work, especially if the script is written?
How the physical world MUST reflect the spiritual reality which created it, thus making everything part of the great unified Oneness.

Scott Kalechstein Grace - “Awakening Entertainment”

In 1993 Scott Grace began consciously teaming up with Jeshua and to co-create healing songs in the moment. Like Lennon and McCartney, Grace/Jeshua has become a rather prolific partnership. Scott offered channeled songs throughout the conference, sharing his Christed Dr. Seuss style poetry as well. When things get a bit heavy or heady, Scott was there to lighten things up and bring things back to the heart.

Miracles in the Mountains – A Conference With the Scribes (produced by Kathy Scott Perry), was held at The Abbey in Canon City, Colorado in 2012. The entire event was recorded in both Audio and Video format. But because of lighting conditions out of our control, not all of the video was usable. However, ALL of the audio sounded great, and is presented here for purchase.