Aries Astro Nidra - The Face Off (2020)

This practice is called: "The Face Off" & is perfect for right now as we draw inward through social distancing and self isolation.

Aries lives in the face and brain
Ruled by Mars
Cardinal fire

Aries connects you to who you are as an individual. 

Aries is the baby of the zodiac. There are often big feelings during Aries Season.

In this practice, we start with breath work to illuminate the brain as well as activate the lungs. We need to give life to our lungs and support our breathing.

This practice has a very detailed face scan, connects to your central channel, the home of your essential self and then leads you into compassionately coming face to face with yourself in order to step into your uniqueness and confidence to overcome your circumstances and step forward empowered.

There is one version with music by The Wong Janice - the cello track is called LOVE.

Thank you for being here, doing the work and gathering in community at such an important time.

art by: Robin Hercia of Mojave Designs
music by: The Wong Janice, LOVE

with love ~