Chiron - Mythological Hypnosis with Nadia Noir

This is the recording of Nadia Noir's Mythological Hypnosis experience on April 10th, 2020. The very beginning mouthful of words got cut off, but everything you need is there.

"Chiron was a centaur known for his wisdom, his equanimity and his profound understanding of pain. His biological father was Cronus, the Titan god of Time, but his mentor and chosen father, one might say, is Apollo. This is where he learned that the greatest forms of healing were in the creative vessel of the self - kindness, poetry, music, intelligence, curiosity. A master healer and astrologer who was once immortal, his controversial passing allowed his to live forever in the cosmos. ⠀

Want to journey deeper into the healing of Chiron’s story? Join me for Mythological Hypnosis.

I’m excited to diversify my offerings into the realm of mythos and remembrance. We have a lot of stories in the inner vault of our remembered subconscious that will help reprogram our minds into more illuminating and ultimately peaceful pathways — neuro and otherwise."