Capricorn Astro Nidra - Awaken the Divine Ear - Bone Deep Listening

2019's Winter Solstice & Capricorn Season inititates the run of intensity that is 2020. Eclipse Season, all planets direct, the much talked about Pluto Saturn Conjunction... it's highly likely that you'll be motivated to make some changes. What inititates that motivation is as unique as the individual.

2020 is asking us to get crystal clear in our vision, step up our game, slice through anything that isn't in integrity with your Soul's purpose. The more you let go, the easier it is to rise.  This requires profound listening to your inner genius that can be accessed when you awaken your Divine Ear (similar to the Third Eye, but for listening). 

Capricorn rules the teeth and the bones, so the body scan is at the bone level. The tinies bones in the body are in the ear and once they hear, they pass the message on through the Skeletal System. Inside your bones, your bone marrow is listening and aligning with the Universe, which is realigning your inner structure and form to reflect what the Divine Ear hears - the depth of this reorganization is non-intellectual, but will influence the way you hold yourself and move through the world.

Earth is the dominate element of Capricorn, but when you mix earth with water, we start to change the landscape. So as you practice, keep a connection with the fluid nature of your body. 

One more thing: Everything is changing so dramatically right now that if you aren't listening, you're missing out. If you try to keep moving forward by the old rules, it could create frustration and misalignments that cause confusion. It's time to keep up.

The Wong Janices beautiful Cello and her latest song "Trust" will be uploaded here very soon as well. I know you're going to love this one.