2019 Virgo Season Astro Nidra: How may I serve?

Welcome to Virgo Season!

Virgo season came in with a bang! Some of you are feeling motivated to get to work while others are feeling very tired, in a state of overwhelm or paralysis. In either case, your nervous system is getting an adjustment, so it's important to LISTEN and honour where you are at. If your body is calling for rest, REST. If you're procrastinating, do some self reflective work to recogized WHY you are procrastinating and address yourself at that level.

Virgo is the healer of the zodiac who wants nothing more than to be their best self and will do the work to get there.

It's time to bring the passions highlighted in Leo Season to life through the hard work of the Virgo. 

Virgo loves the details, finds efficiency through prioritizing and refining the daily routine to ensure that your actions through the day are actualizing dreams into reality.

This practice is a return to WHOLENESS with an openness to understand how you can be of Service to the Whole.

The 2019 Virgo Astro Nidra is available in Silence AND with The Wong Janice's Cello. This track is called Serenity and is available exclusively through the Daily Insights on Insight Timer.