Winter Solstice Retreat

Winter Solstice Retreat: December 18th through December 21st.
Replay available.

A Modern Journey Into A Macrocosmic World of the
Mythical, Magical and Mystical

The Luminaries:
Jana Roemer
Sasha Bahador
Nadia Diamante
Cathy French
Mark Roemer
David Kennett

Join us for this online retreat — a portal through the shadow of the darkest day of the year and into the light of the new year to come. Embedded in the twice daily practices will be astrology, folklore, mythology, hypnosis, storytelling, energy healing, shamanic work and much more.

Winter Solstice is a potent time of incubation every year, but this year even more. This divine dance of the shadow and the light will be joined by what astrologers call the Grand Mutation — an epic conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius that portends both powerful and provoking things to come.

Schedule (all times are in PST):

Friday, December 18th:

11:11am ~ Astrological Incubation with Jana Roemer

9:30pm ~ Solstice Reiki with Mark Roemer

Saturday, December 19th:

11:11am ~ Saturnalia Mythological Hypnosis with Nadia Diamante

1:11pm ~ Saturnalia Dance Party with Nadia Diamante

Sunday, December 20th:

11:11am ~ Celtic Wheel Solstice with Cathy French

6:06pm ~ Solstice Sound Healing with David Kennet 

Monday, December 21st:

10:00am ~ Jupiter-Saturn Invocation + Community Storytelling led by Nadia and Jana (including stories by YOU!) Story Theme: Incubation.

6:06pm ~ Solstice Ceremony with Sasha Bahador

The Zoom room will open about 5 minutes before each session.

*COLLECTIVE CALL-OUT* We are looking for storytellers on Monday, December 21st. If you are interested in telling us a 5-10 minute story around the theme Incubation, please email us at [email protected] with your story. The five stories that we think are most in resonance with the astrology will be chosen.

*DISCOUNT OPPORTUNITIES* While these offerings are part of our teacher’s primary livelihoods, we have a policy at Attune to the Moon that is “No dreamer left behind.” If you would like to attend and are in need, please reach out to us at [email protected] or through to discuss the possibility of a discount code.

All sessions will take place on the Zoom platform and in Pacific Standard Time (PST). Please click here to convert to your time zone.

Upon purchase, you will receive a PDF that includes the Zoom meeting link and a Discord link, which will be our Winter Solstice Community Forum.

Any questions? Reach out to [email protected]