Mercury Rx in Pisces - The Day Dream - Music by Essie Jain "The Rising"

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We have Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and Venus in Aries for most of this Mercury Rx in Pisces. Two days after the Rx begins, the Sun moves into Pisces & of course, Neptune's been snuggled up at home there for a while.  

The energies are inherantly contrasting, yet  one of the dominate energies until March 9th is this Mercury Rx energy and the Sun in Pisces as it will influence us the most. We are meant to dream and surrender amongst a drive to press on.

You can press on if you like, and you should for your most important responsibilities and creations, but you'll miss out on the expansive vision and the chance to undo the tangles or confusion that this mash up of stars can cause. The insights are begging you to listen. This practice gives you that opportunity.

This Mercury Rx practice came in strong right as Mercury Stationed Retrograde. I wasn't planning on doing it, but it wanted through, so I listened (and so did Auggie - he napped for the duration of the download and again today so I could place the music in and proof it through practice, twice!!).

This one is shorter than a typical Astro Nidra and very unconventional. You'll notice we go out of order and when you do the Pisces Season Astro Nidra, you'll notice we end this one where we start that one -- intenionally. 

The music is by Essie Jain, a song called "The Rising" from her new album, As I Return - you can find it on Spotify & Apple Music. 

Here is what she shared about this track:

"This song always felt like the way to welcome in the album, as it dives into the very heart of the breath itself, using the rise of the inhale and the fall of the exhale as the guiding force for my voice. It weaved itself into my life by asking me to move into a feeling of being suspended in time, drifting across the sky and floating around way out in the cosmos, letting go of thought and focus, taking long deep breaths through the voice, and melting into essence. 
It was a journey to the vastness of time and space, and its cosmic vibe pulled me to rise up, meet it out there, dance with it, and then softly settle back down to earth."