The Winter Solstice Season Nidra: Dissolve into Dreamtime by Cathy French

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We all know that gorgeous moments of disruptive, ephemeral creativity are waiting for us at threshold consciousness.

The rich dark of Solstice Season is the slumber of the year. 

We’re at the midpoint of the Giamos half of the Wheel. Giamos is the cosmic Celtic principle of the dark, nighttime, the Otherworld, death, chaos, the wild, and the magical.

This is when we co-shape with the planet and access the riotous life force that lives underground + in our mycelial neural pathways.

The austere fragments of rest we ‘earn’ under corporate capitalism- where we’re jolted awake with alarms + sleep is treated as some kind of cherished luxury- isn’t going to cut it right now.

This season lends itself to a more creative, decadent way of resting.

A prolonged rest that whispers fresh insight into our breathing bodies + a reconfiguration of the concepts we use to interpret the world. Where random access memories glitter, unconstrained by our anaemic mental filters. 

When we emerge from this descent, we bring a little bit of the multiverse back with us...
Art by Mia Ohki