Aquarius Season Astro Nidra

This Yoga Nidra is for the astrological energy of 2018's Aquarius Season. With Saturn freshly in Capricorn, we are going through a reorganization of structures and form. Our nervous system is getting a major attunement this year and we are having to learn a new way to relate and surrender. Within this session we go visit our future self and make a request to pray for ourself. The concept was inspired by a study Dr. Joe Dispenza shares in his book "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself" 

This nidra is designed to support your current transition and teach you a new way of relating to your personal sense of wholeness and a different way of becoming a supportive friend to yourself.

Remember: Things are not always what they seem. There has never been a time more important to stay present as right now. When I first guided this session, something else came in and guided me. As I was preparing to work on the Aquarius Season Nidra, one of the student of the recent 300 hour YTT in Croatia randomly texted our group to share that she had just done the nidra. I honestly didn't remember guiding it, yet when I went to listen, it was perfect for this time.

Once you do the nidra, you'll understand with even more clarity why.

Nidra Sound Design by Geoff Agosti

Please enjoy