Scorpio New Moon Circle ~ REPLAY

Let's gather.
Friday, Nov 13th 11am PST

Scorpio New Moon -- a time of transformation and deep, profound healing. 

Attend this live or by enjoying the replay on your own timing later. 

These moon circles are $20.20

One of our philosophies is no one is left behind, especially for finances. If your current level of abundance warrants a discount, please use LUNARLOVE for 50% off or RADICAL for 100% off. Please use integrity in applying these codes as this is part of Jana's livelihood.

Please note: There is a link to the Zoom meeting on the .PDF that you download upon sign up. An email will be send out 15/30 minutes before the circle with the link, but you can also find it there. 

A replay email will be sent within 24 hours. It will also be updated here. 

If you register a few hours after the circle for the REPLAY, the link will be on the PDF download.