Cancer Season Astro Nidra - The Mama Bear - 2019

This Cancer Season we have Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto all Retrograde as we begin and then July 7th, Mercury starts their Retrograde Journey.

This is a time of attuning to the unconditional love of the Divine Mother, and tapping into your own Mama Bear energy (men too -- think of it as an archetype, we all have it in us). Use this energy to fiercly protect that which is most precious to you, be it a relationship, a project, you focus of your time, attention and love. While this Mama Bear / Divine Mother energy is moving through us and we use it to refocus our attention, allow everything outside of that float away.

Inside this Astro Nidra, you'll have a chance to feel what needs to be felt, to release what needs to be released and recallibrate to what longs to come alive from deep within your creative waters. Love you Astro Nidra Lovers!

Art: Cosmic Collage, by Lori Menna
Music: Ripples "Mah" a Jai Chand + JT Roach collaboration