Not all of us were born with a green thumb. How would you like to have the universe on your side? This calendar was created so you can use the zodiac to enhance your gardening and be inflow with the earth's energy.

Growing plants by the rhythm of the moon date back to many ancient civilizations. Over time it was noticed that different plants grew better when planted at different phases of the constellation. Moon planting became unfashionable with the arrival of “ scientific” agriculture. However today there is a strong resurgence of interest. Central to the practice is the moons gravitational effect on the flow of fluids in both the soil and plants. Using the constellations rhythm helps to make plants grow more vigorously, germinate faster, and harvest larger. Planting by the moon is easy. Anybody can do it. It costs nothing and it is fun. Follow the calendar daily to determine your best planting and seeding days.

This was dreamed up with love by Beverley Exley. Design by Cecile Potelle.