Libra Astro Nidra 2019 - Restoring Balance

Libra Season is here!

This Libra Season comes with it one of our first 'breaks' in the astrology for a little while. After eclipses, Saturn Rx and an intense Virgo Season, this renewal that comes with the equinox, the beginning of Autumn and Libra season is asking us to rest deeper into ourselves and restore balance to our lives. That restoration of balance to your life is what this astro nidra focuses upon.

There may be a few relationships that need repairing or forgiving to help with the letting go process - If you find yourself there, please download the 2018 Libra Astro Nidra as it focuses on relationships.

To help you stay deep in the process, feel free to identify an area of your life that could use a little help restoring balance before you go in. Take note of both sides -- where you are over invested and where you are under invested. You'll use this within the practice. OR you can go in trusting that all the information that is needed will be illuminated within the experience. 

There is a version in silence here, as well as a version with Jai Chand and JT's collaborative project "Ripples" specifically the track "Ohm" layered in with the practice available. I'm so excited to have them back (you may rememeber their track "Mah" accompanying the Cancer Season Mama Bear practice).

Art: Cosmic Collage by Lori Mena