Libra New Moon Circle - REPLAY

Let's gather.

Thursday, Oct 15th 11am PST

Shape-shifting, releasing, morphing adaptability as the outer landscape is transforming at a rapid pace. This is an intense new moon with a high chance of conflict. Expect competition, innovation and rebirth. Let it strengthen your relationships. Your relationship with relationships. Your relationship with ourselves in relationships. Let it transform how you navigate not only relationships with other humans, but with the earth, food, belongings, animals, the elements and most of all, Spirit. If there is one relationship we need to nurture, it's our relationship with Spirit, the Great Mystery. Let it lead the way, you'll never be lead astray.

Attend this live or by enjoying the replay on your own timing later. 

These moon circles are $20.20

One of our philosophies is no one is left behind, especially for finances. If your current level of abundance warrants a discount, please use LUNARLOVE for 50% off or RADICAL for 100% off. Please use integrity in applying these codes as this is part of Jana's livelihood.

Please note: There is a link to the Zoom meeting on the .PDF that you download upon sign up. An email will be send out 15/30 minutes before the circle with the link, but you can also find it there. 

If you register a few hours after the circle for the REPLAY, the link will be on the PDF download.