Sagittarius Astro Nidra 2019 - What lives beyond the beliefs?

Sagittarius Season is one of adventure and exploring other cultures to understand out beliefs and seeking truth.

I recently learned that the opposite of a belief is a truth, meaning beliefs, although we all have them, keep us from knowing and living in truth. When someone goes to explore another culture for the first time, we are often confronted with our own belief systems as they begin to unravel through seeing a different way of life. Yet if we live by our beliefs, how do we go beyond them to rest in deeper truths?

Well, this astro nidra is designed to take you there.

I suggest going into this practice with a couple beliefs you would like to go beyond. You'll be asked to explore a limiting belief, a personal belief and a cultural belief. 

The version with music is in collaboration with Jai Chand and Jt Roach in their project The Ripple Experience. This song is Hoo, which is really the Mantra Hu - the sound beyond all sounds, one of the sounds of creation. It's deep!

I hope you love it!

Art by Lori Mena / @cosmic_collage