Leo Astro Nidra 2020: Drama Management

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This Leo Season has it's share of drama. The Mars Mercury square, The Aquarius Full Moon, Mars' first square to the Capricorn cluster and the Leo New Moon all have their own drama to them.

There is a difference between disassociation and disidentification. It's imperative that we maintain presence with the current events of the world as we are changing, unlearning and learning and growing a a rapid pace. To disassociate leaves us in the dark and vulnerable (and not in a good way). To DISIDENTIFY allows us to remain free amongst the chaos. To hold presence amidst the pain. To be seated deeply in your heart.

This kind of presence sets you up to maintain your mental health through it all.

The Aquarius Full Moon opens the door to travel through time and access our future self who has already endured this wild ride. By the end of this practice, you'll have a chance to get familiar with disidentifying with the drama around you and a moment to catch up with your future self to infuse you with embodied wisdom to help carry you through.