Pisces Astro Nidra - Embody the Lymphatic System (2020)

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A continuation of the Embodiment series while Jupiter is in Capricorn.

Pisces lives in the feet, but more interestingly - the Lymphatic System. 

This isn't your average Pisces Season. We are being asked to take a giant pregnant pause and re-visit our dreams. This Pisces new moon is the last one of the astrological year, but more importantly it's the last new moon of Saturn's time in Capricorn before he moves into Aquarius. We are going to feel significant shifts in the karma that we are working out and the timing of our lives. It will be a welcome relief for some, yet we still have Pluto, Jupiter and Mars in Capricorn, so we're not done with that energy yet.

A big piece of this puzzle is to really refine our mastery, our purpose and our big dream and leave everything else behind. It's not about forcing things, it's about finding the natural flow of things.

The Lymphatic System is a system that has no real pump on it. What happens when the blood gets pumped out to the body through the circulatory system, is about 10% of the fluid from the blood (comprised of oxygen, food and water) doesn't make it back into the veins to return to the heart. As fluids pass through cell membranes the type of fluid it is, changes. This fluid is called interstitial fluid.

The job of the Lymphatic system is to sort, create defense (anti-bodies) and return the fluid to the blood via the heart. The lymphatic system is directional, meaning it only travels one way. And it is a master communicator, once it identifies an intruder (infection for example), it alerts the whole body and provides T-cells to combat it. Yet it also helps to release excess in the body as too much of a good thing isn't really so good. It's mission is to create homeostasis in the body.

As we are sorting out our opportunities and dreams, we need to sort out the excess and toxins to distill our mission down to the essential path of purpose. By tuning into the lymphatic system, we allow that inner genius to get to work.

Let the practice show you what I mean.

To help me understand the embodiment of the lymphatic system, I consulted with Sadie Adams who has spent countless hours with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. I'm excited to continue with her as we go through the body!

There is a version with music to accompany it on its way. Stay tuned.