Mars in Virgo Walking Meditation

This walking meditation is meant to be used in the morning to get you aligned with your priorities. It involves consciously curating a feeling to carry you through, getting purposeful with your priorities and visualizing yourself making the most of your day. With Mars being in the pragmatic virgo archetype, we even spend a moment addressing potential distractions, including that inner critic, so you have a plan of how to stay on course when it does come up. It ends with you hanging out with your future self, reflecting on a day well lived with great gratitude and motivation to get today going and making it the best day ever.

It's 20 mins, you can listen as you get yourself going for the day, standing in line at the coffee shop or however you want to make it fit with ease.

It's such a beautiful way to kick start your day!

Mars is in Virgo until October 3rd --- but this one you might tuck away and come back to time and time again. 

Activate your inner Virgo!