Gemini New Moon Circle

We circle up on Thursday, May 21st at 11:30am PST.

This Gemini New Moon illuminates a mulit-layered nature of the socio-cultural sphere. 

A shift into community focus while remaining inwardly connected. We're all calibrating to the new paradigm. Let's hold each other up.

Pay what you can. Suggested donation: $20.20
If you're unable to leave a financial exchange, please consider sharing this new moon circle in your socials with a booking link or linked to @jana_roemer / @attunetothemoon as an exchange for her time and wisdom. We trust that those that can share will balance out those that can't.

Once you register, you'll get an email from [email protected] which contains circle links. You'll also receive one from [email protected] 30 min before we circle up with the link