Gemini Astro Nidra: Quantum Community 2020

Gemini - the twins
Mutable Air - transformation
ruled by mercury - the mind
Lives in the voice box, thyroid, arms, hands and fingers

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This Gemini Astro Nidra has a unique twist to it. Mark did reiki on me as a proxy to share the healing reiki energy to anyone who does this practice.

Gemini season is typically very social, yet given the circumstances this year, there are so many who find themselves alone. In this practice, we go into the embryonic development of the thyroid, the arms and hands to finger tips, then explore the dual nature on our experience before bringing it together to meet our community in the quantum.

There are a couple cues that open you to receive reiki within the practice and we are recommending that you do this practice if you are participating in Mark's evening reiki circles, yet you don't have to to receive benefit from this practice. 

It's a little different than a typical Yoga Nidra, but that's how I like it lately.