Gemini Astro Nidra - Inner Community

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Gemini Astro Nidra is to connect with community.

We are made up of community. The community we belong to and also the community of cells internal to us. They estimate that we are made up of somewhere in the ball park of 50 trillion cells, almost half of which are not our body. Our microbiom is in service to our health, or it can break it down. This astro nidra is to help you connect to your inner community and get all your cells on the same mission.

The astrological weather closer to the end of the month also holds the potential for an extraordinary opening to the subconscious mind and your personal connection with Source. Since the body is the container of the subconscious mind, the more time you spend listening to your inner community, they greater your connection with Source energy.

This practice will continue to open for you as Gemini Season goes on.