Scorpio Astro Nidra 2019 - Transformative Feeling

Scorpio Season comes with its own intensity. It's a time of deeply transformative feelings, yet one of the shadow sides of the Scorpio archetype is to repress the feelings, or stuff them away until they can't be ignored. 

This practice follows a "spanda" or pulsation of feeling throughout the practice that allows you to go in and feel what you've been avoiding and transmuting it for release. The practice allows for freedom of choice with what you're feeling and how deep you go. 

This year, The Wong Janice is back with her beautiful Cello. This song is called Submission and this is the first place she has released it! What a treat. It takes a moment to come in, so be patient. It's worth the wait. 

This is a cleanse, a release, a transmutation.