Equinox - Celtic Wheel Nidra by Cathy French

Speak your own name. Announce your land. Get well with your Ancestors.

Get sturdy + access the dignity of your human life at this moment of perfect balance, poised on the tipping point of Autumn Equinox on the Celtic Wheel of the year. 

The polarity of summer + winter dances in perfect equilibrium in the coming weeks. Rich heat + the remnants of solstice in the blackberries, carrots, apple + honeysuckle. In the last blast of warm sun on your back. 

The death phase creeps in around the edges of the turning leaves + we have nothing to be afraid of... We're moving toward the deep feminine honey of the dark half of the cycle. 

In this Autumn Equinox Wheel Nidra you'll 'Sink Back, Fall Open' into presence + surrender. The true Unknown simply asks us to meet things as they are. Moment to moment. With breath, ground, feeling + trust.