Leo Season Astro Nidra 2019: Lead with Love

Leo Season is a great reset as it is some of the most supportive, creative and joy-filled astrology of the year! Leo rules the Heart and it's ruling planet is the SUN! It is time for us to shine.

I've been contemplating astrology from the persepctive of how we use it to become whole, rather than as an excuse for feeling off, triggered or challenged. Each season has it's teachings, it's archetype, it's Highest Lessons. Leo's is to live from your heart's moral compass and lead from LOVE. Leo ignites creativity. The Astro Nidra is designed to get you into the consciousness of your heart, to lead with love, to remember your passion and ignite creativity. if finishes with an opportunity to reset your mornings to ensure that you're aligning with the success of your own passionate, creatively driven, heart guided future.  I hope you enjoy!

The Cello music to accompany this Leo Astro Nidra is by The Wong Janice. It is an adaptation of "Ecstasy" from her album: Cello Music for Meditation. Please, do your self a favour and download this version and give it a try! It's stunning.