Cancer Astro Nidra 2020: The Seeds

Cancer as an archetype is the Divine Mother. A nurturing force of Unconditional Love. 

Time to nurture that which you hold most dear and release the rest. Follow that impulse and focus intently on your blessings, abundance and healing. Once you're good, focus on how you can use all that you have to then nurture and share your resources with your community. It is all being multiplied a thousand fold. What are you birthing? Solo and along with your community? There may not be ration or reason other than an intuitive primal push that cannot be resisted. This is the start of something new for the collective.

Within this practice, we explore the womb in the body scan. If you don't have a womb because it has been removed, the energetic anatomy of your womb is still there, so you'll work with that.

If you never had a womb, there are two ways you could work with that portion of the practice: 1. You could work with the etheric womb of the second chakra 2. you could translate the language of the womb into male anatomy. 

In either case, you are connecting with your inner Divine Creative force and planting potent seeds of you future while feeling for the embodiment of your creative potential.

Music by Essie Jain, a track called "The Healing"

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