Aquarius Astro Nidra 2020 - Cellular Breathing

2020 Aquarius Season innovates the intensity that is 2020.
Still in Eclipse Season with the new moon eclipse on Jan24th.
Mercury enters the shadow period on Feb 2nd for their next Retrograde (Feb 16th - March 4th), however all planets are direct until then.

We are only beginning to integrate the Pluto Saturn Conjunction... this is a major shift. During this cycle, we will see things change in ways most of us haven't even imagined yet. 

Aquarius lives in the circulatory system. Ruled by both Saturn & Uranus. Once the structure & form is built in Capricorn Season, we organize the systems that the structures to bring life & Humanity to it. To feel & know this in the body, teaches much about life.

Air is the dominate element of Aquarius, thus we use the breath as a teacher through cellular breathing.

The blood delivers oxygen from the lungs to every single cells of your body, allowing each cell to breathe. 

As you embody these cells, they become enhanced communicators able to find rhythm & flow with their neighbouring cells, creating inner balance, turning up the volume on your inner wisdom, illuminating your uniqueness as well as your connection to the Whole.

Deep healing happens as your cells become aware of themselves.