Mars In Scorpio Cosmic Walking Meditation

Nov 18 - January 3rd

Mars it at home in Scorpio, restoring Mars' power after a challenging walk in Libra. 

Harness this Scorpionic power of mysterious determination in transformation or creation for whatever you are passionate about at the moment. It could be personal transformation or a habit, a story or a trait you are cultivating within OR align it with a creative project you are dedicated to bring to life. The catch is, whatever you are investing your energy into, keep it to yourself, hold it close to your heart and allow the secretive nature of this work to build power and promise within.  There will be a time to share - when you have completed your masterpiece. This one's for you.

As soon as the version with music is complete - it will be loaded here as well. So you'll get both - one with music and one in silence.