we do still have astro journals available, here.

the registration for the course is closed until next round as we are already in session. No dates set yet.

**PLEASE NOTE: THIS VERSION OF THE COURSE IS FOR THOSE WITHIN THE US & CANADA. You will get a copy of the Astro Journal with your registration. If you already purchased the Astro Journal, check your email for a discount code equivalent to the price of the journal. 


Let’s take a walk with the moon around the zodiac. 

The Planets + Stars are a map to the Collective Unconscious. A Guide Book. All you have to do is look up and allow them to guide your inner exploration. The moon is like a narrator, telling us the story of the stars. 

She is our great guide and I want to teach you how to listen to her and be in right relationship with her.  When you honor her with your attention, her promise is that you will live with more awareness, greater purpose and with a more empowered approach to life.

Astrology is Benevolent and wants to guide our awakening.

As above, so below. Inner and Outer, reflections of each other.

This course takes you through a full lunar cycle. We start the day before the New Moon in Gemini on Thursday, May 21st at 10am. We will meet once a week on Thursdays at 10am PST for a longer live session where there is a teaching and a Q + A. You will also receive a collection of short 10 - 15 minute videos. One for every day. Some videos will be live and other will be pre-recorded - it has to be this way so that you get the information that is personal for you. You receive instructions on this on the first day, however, for planning purposes, if you want to be at the live videos - they will be at noon PST on the day the moon changes signs.

We’ll talk about the archetypes (the signs), the elements, the houses (your personal natal chart & how the current astro is activating you) and the Planets as they relate to the signs and more.

We are doing this during Gemini Season, for the Gemini Lunar cycle because Gemini is the perennial student. It is the perfect time to learn.

You’ll need your birth date, time & location. If you don’t have the exact time, there is a method we can use. Please let me know if this is you so I can speak to it

The investment is only $55. For those of you who have the physical Astro Journal, you will get a discount code in an email from us. If you received the Astro Journal as a gift, be sure to get the code from the person who gifted it to you as it will land in their inbox.

If you don’t have the Astro Journal, it will come to you as part of the course.  The physical copies are only able to be mailed to the US & Canada at this time due to shipping expenses.