Taurus Astro Nidra 2020 - Inner Sense

Taurus - Fixed Earth.

During Taurus Season, life force burns more slowly. You are invited to slow down, take naps & get cozy.

Ruled by Venus, living in the 5 senses, Taurusean energy wants you to indulge in your senses while seeking the luxury of beautiful textiles, delicious food, great music & a one that smells magnificent.

In this Astro Nidra, we explore the inner sense through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each sense is paired with an organ. Each organ has an emotional embodiment. You'll go explore the senses from the inside out, play in the polarity of embodiment of each and then integrate. It's somewhat of a purification process as you get to experience the interconnectedness of it all.

This Astro Nidra is here to help you find your ground during this time of upheavel.

Do participate in this practice, after you download it, all you need to do is laydown, press play and follow along.

A version of this is coming with music as well. If you purchase before it is posted up here, you'll get an email notification once it's ready and receive both practices. 

Collage art by: @___amp