2018 Taurus Season - Remember your Worth

Taurus Season is about grounding and remembering your worth. It has the medicine of a break through in it. This comes with just enough stress to make sure you're paying attention. Make sure that you take advantage of this time by grounding yourself and getting on the inside of your experience so you can discover what is underneith.

The other significant shift during Taurus Season is the movement of Chiron from Pisces into Aries -- this will cause a significant shift in how your relate to your wounds. Time to turn your pain into passion.

We are also preparing from Uranus to move from Aries into Taurus as the moon returns to new on May 15th. This is a resetting of your nervous system.

This Nidra addresses all of it. Tune it. Practice it at least once a week and watch how the practice shifts as the planets move.

Nidra channeled and recorded in Sardina, Italy during my retreat with Dr. Joe Dispenza (woah!!)

Sound Scapes by Geoff Agosti (this download option includes two tracks. The same meditation in each, but one has sound and the other is silent.