Virgo Astro Nidra: The Healer

Virgo is the virgin, perfection and purity. 

Virgo is a healer, the angelic realm and wholeness.

Virgo is transforming routines into rituals.

Virgo can mean discipline and feels safer within order.

Virgo is a time to cultivate self acceptance, kindness and reverence. Not because it's natural, but because we get to dance with the inner critic while learning a new way to live inside of your nervous system.

Virgos like to know all the details, so I shared a little extra about what is happening inside the practice at the beginning. There is a breath practice near the beginning. A little different than Leo Season's breath.

This Virgo Season Yoga Nidra is with a silent background intentionally as a way to honour the tradition and that purity that is accessible during this sun season.